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Afraid To Die?
America's Greatest Sin
Are Christians Under the Law?
Are There Troubles Ahead for the EU?
Assurance of Salvation
Awesome Power of God
Believe It or Not...The Resurrection Was NOT on Sunday
Bending the Twig (parenting)
Born From Above or Born Again?
Call To Revival
Can a Christian be Unconverted?
Can You Understand Bible Prophecy?
Christian Principles of Parenting
Christ In the Old Testament
Christ Our Passover
Church of God In Prophecy
Church That Jesus Built
Come to the Feast!
Comforter, Helper, Counselor
Daniel's "Seventy Weeks" Prophecy
Devil, You Say?
Did Peter Have the Primacy?
Does God Love the World Enough to Save It?
Do You Have an Immortal Soul?
Easter...Is It Christian?
Evidence For the Life of Jesus Christ
Evidence of the End Times
Evolution---Fact or Fallacy?
Ezekiel's Timeless Message
Facts You Should Know About Christmas
Fall Festivals
Fasting on Atonement
God's Holy Days
God's Seasonal Plan
Great Day of the Lord -- A Study of the Book of Joel
Have the Old Testament Dietary Laws Been Abolished?
Hell, You Say?
Heresies - Ancient and Modern
Holy Day Calendar - 2005-2010
Home Bible Study Course
How Often Should We Partake of the LORD'S SUPPER?
How To Be a Real Christian
How To Be More Effective in Your Prayer Life
How to Build Godly Character
How to Study Your Bible
How Was Passover Replaced by Easter?
How You Can Be an Overcomer
Immortality - God's Gift to the Saints
International News (quarterly subscription) - a Church of God International publication
Is Christmas Christian?
Is Elijah in Heaven?
Is Jesus Really God?
Is the Kingdom of God Here, Now?
Is Water Baptism Required for Salvation?
Just What Do You Mean...BORN AGAIN?
Kingdom of God...What Does That Mean to You?
Lazarus and the Rich Man
Man's Awesome Destiny
Messiah! Just Who is the "Annointed One"?
Miracle of Healing
Miracle of Pentecost
Must You Speak With Other Tongues to Be Saved?
New Covenant - Does It Do Away With God's Law?
Needed: A Rational Approach to Prophecy
North America: Listen!
Once Saved--Always Saved?
Paul and the Law - Understanding the Hard Sayings
Predestination...Does the Bible Teach It?
Q & A Book - Questions and Answers
Real Reasons Why Christ Came To This Earth
Restoration of Sodom
Resurrection - Real Event or Historical Hoax?
Second Coming and Beyond
Seed of Satan
Seven Churches of the Apocalypse
Should Christians Observe Easter?
Should You Expect a Secret Rapture?
Should We Observe Pentecost on Sivan 6?
Statement of Beliefs (Church of God International)
Sunday, Saturday - What Difference Does It Make?
Ten Commandments
Ten Facts You Should Know About Repentance
The Key to the Book of Revelation
The Plain Truth About Christmas
Things to Do While Waiting for Jesus to Return
Tithing - Is It for Christians?
Trick or Treat?
True Discipleship
UFOs Exist - But What Are They?
Understanding the Commandments
Unleavened Bread Recipe Book
Vineyard, Vine and Olive Tree
Was Moses the Lawgiver?
What Does the Bible Really Say About the Millennium?
What Do You Mean...SALVATION?
What Does the Bible Say About Predestination and Election?
What Does the Bible Say About Same-Sex Unions?
What Is Sin?
What Is the Real "Gospel Truth"?
What Is the Unpardonable Sin?
What Kind of Faith is Required for SALVATION?
What You Should Know About Demon Possession
When Tragedy Strikes
Where Did Halloween Come From?
Who Are the 144,000?
Who Is the Prophesied Elijah?
Who Really Killed Jesus?
Who Rides the White Horse?
Who, What Is God?
Who, What, Is the Beast of Revelation?
Why Christ Must Return!
Why Do You Observe Sunday?
Why Were You BORN?

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